Mission/Agency/Partners Value of Project (€ millions)
German Cooperation, GIZ 43.88
European Investment Bank 1550.00
Delegation to the European Union to India, EU 23.89
Foreign and Commonwealth Office, FCO 0.00
French Development Agency, AFD 1179.30
German Development Bank, KFW 1211.75
UK Cooperation – Department for International Development, DFID 28.07
Thematic Area/Sector No of Projects
Water (Water Supply, Water Management, Flood Management) 6
Environment (Forest, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Urban Resilience, Air Quality) 10
Transportation (Urban Mobility, Sustainable Transport, Smart Mobility) 20
Urbanisation (Capacity Building, Data, Urban Management/Development, Plans) 26
Governance (Urban Governance, Municipal Reforms/Finance, Urban Reforms) 2
Energy (Renewable Energy, Power, Smart Grid, Energy Efficiency, Green Rating) 7
Sanitation (Waste Management, Urban Sanitation, Sewage/Solid Waste) 7