Green Freight

Total value of all projects (funded by the EU and Member States): € 4091.51 Million90

German Cooperation, GIZ
Thematic Area/Sector: 
Transportation (Urban Mobility, Sustainable Transport, Smart Mobility)
Nature of Project/Type: 
Technical Assistance
Project Status: 
Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Freight transport accounts for more than 60% of India's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from land transport. It is mainly transported by road. Lack of structures and strategies and an outdated fleet lead to inefficiency.

The aim of the project on climate-friendly freight transport is to ensure that decision-makers in relevant government agencies at the national and urban levels have strategies as well as conceptual and technical bases at their disposal for the efficient and climate-friendly further development of freight transport in India.



This transformation will be achieved through the introduction of efficient logistics concepts, strategies for shifting freight transport to environmentally friendly means of transport and political measures to promote climate-friendly technologies. In addition, methods for measuring and monitoring emissions and dialogue platforms will be used. The efficiency of freight transport will be increased and GHG emissions avoided.

Start Date: 
January, 2019 to December, 2022
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